This Guy's name is Miguel. I'd love to find someone like this.

15 April 2014

02 December 2009

9 Songs

This Movie was labeled pornographioc, erotic... people didn't see much in the film except for a guys obsession on a girl...

Enjoy watching, guys... Don't forget to wipe.

25 November 2009

Tinitigasan naman ako sa Vid na ito

Tangina, tingnan mo naman ang libog ng mukha ni Mike...

Somebody  help me.

20 November 2009

Get a Load of This:

Gosh... someone who doesnt mind getting this:

and a willing sex partner as long as they are able!

14 November 2009

I Miss Being Kissed.

THE feeling of something warm soft and gently rough, alive and moving in your mouth. The sensation of that same living object between your thighs, on your tummy, enveloping your nipples, inyour ear...

The tongue.

An organ with pleasure giving powers second only to the penis... and a close tie with the hand.

I miss you.